Fayette's Theater

Fayette's two-cinema theatre is currently under construction.

The New Nation of Islam is making steady progress on the construction of the the Theater in Fayette, MS.

Brother Curtis, Brother Calvin, and Brother Morris are finished bricking the face of the building, while the Son of Man is on the inside doing interior work.

We will keep the public posted on the progress that we are making. All praise is due to Allah.

Allah's Salaam Alaikum

Construction Progress-Entry Lobby  
Construction Progress-Cinema 1 Entry Corridor  
HVAC Closet & Entry Door Cinema 1 Finished Ceiling  
Construction Progress-HVAC Unit Cinema 1 Seating Area Below Balcony  
Construction Progress-Stage Area Rafters in Ceiling  
Construction Progress-Ceiling Under Balcony Stairway to Balcony  
Construction Progress-Projection Booth & Balcony Area Entry to Projection Booth  
Construction Progress-Stage View From Balcony Above Exterior Front/Side View  
Construction Progress-Stairwell Entry and Exit Door(left) Entry Lobby